Green & Clean Smoothie

Green & Clean Smoothie

My favorite breakfast of the moment is this greens packed energizing smoothie. This low sugar drink will keep you going all day. Might even replace your morning coffee!

Green & Clean Smoothie

1/2 cup parsley
3 springs of fresh peppermint
1 stalk of celery
2″ chunk of cucumber
half a lemon
half a green apple
1/2 cup spinach
3 stalks of kale
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp liquid chlorophyll
scoop of vanilla protein powder

Blend with ice and water and enjoy immediately!

Green & Clean Smoothie

  • Chad

    Hey Steph! It’s got a bit more carbs and sugar than yours, but here’s what I make for breakfast a few times a week:

    Equal parts of these, frozen:
    Sweet potatoes (already roasted)

    A bit less of:
    Coconut flakes
    Nuts – almond nut butter or roasted pumpkinseeds

    To spice it up:
    Ginger powder
    Cayenne (go easy)

    Add water and blend.

    • Steph Tekano

      Yum that sounds so delicious!

  • summer

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